Request a quote now to find out how much you could save on quality services from a skilled freelancer compared to an agency. Quality is the most important element of any successful translation: ‘satisfactory’ is never enough for me and I always aim to go above and beyond in the services I provide.

Each service is charged slightly differently due to the nature of the service:

Translation: Rates are most often established on a per word basis, and more specifically for German clients, occasionally on a per line basis. This is because it takes a lot more words to convey in English what can be conveyed in half the space in German, so a per line basis (generally set at 1 line = 55 characters incl. spaces) ensures that the translation rate remains fair.

Proofreading: I carry out proofreading on a per hour basis and can proofread approximately 2000 words per hour, depending on the subject matter involved. Proofreading is easier when the source document and the target translation are in the same file format, however if you only have a PDF and a DOC file, that’s no issue. I also proofread from English into English, whether both files are in the same variant of English (generally UK or US) or whether you have a US source and require a UK target file.

DTP/Typesetting: DTP is also done on a per hour basis. Due to the nature of the process and the varying client requirements for different pieces of software such as FrameMaker, Quark or Adobe Illustrator, DTP projects can vary widely in complexity and therefore in time and cost. More basic formatting in less specialist applications like Microsoft Office is simpler and quicker due to many years of experience.

Audio/Voice: Audio recording can be carried out either by myself using Audacity or at a location of your choice. Recordings are made and charged on an hourly basis, broken down into individual intervals of no less than a minute.